Responsive Classroom

Franklin Elementary School is a Responsive Classroom inspired school.

What is Responsive Classroom?

Responsive Classroom is an educational approach with the aim to create a calm learning environment where students have increased autonomy. There is a focus on building a positive school community, teachers create a sense of belonging for the children and provide an emotionally safe environment where students feel comfortable.The approach understands the emotional, social, physical and academic needs of students .

Some Responsive Classroom Components we are implementing at F.E.S.

Morning Meeting – a way starting the day off on a positive note, builds sense of the classroom community and sets the tone the day both socially and academically. Everyone sits in the circle and the meetings typically last between 20 – 30 minutes. Each meeting begins with a fun greeting. Other components include sharing, learning activities, calendar routines and songs and activities.

First 6 weeks of school – there is a focus on teaching routines and procedures to students to help them throughout the year. Students become familiar with classroom materials and activities. Things are modelled and there is time for practise.

Academic choice – the children  have a choice in some of the activities they do and how they present what they are learning. Ateliers or learning centers are a common practice in many classrooms in the school. Students choose from a variety of different activities and rotate through several different choices over the course of the period.  This is also one of the ways that teachers differentiate student learning to meet individual needs.

You can find more information and videos about the Responsive Classroom Approach on the Responsive Classroom website at