Hot Lunch Program



    1. About

    • The hot lunch program at F.E.S. is managed by Jill DeSantis-Simard and is available September through June.
    • Hot meals always include a vegetable, a drink and a dessert.
    • Going forward meals will only be served in exchange for a coupon.
    • One coupon per meal per person.
    • We will make sure your child has their coupon.
    1. Schedule

    • Meals are offered every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    1. Ordering Instructions

    • Hot lunch orders can be placed as soon as the new menu comes out.
    • You will be able to order your child’s lunches two weeks at a time or monthly.
    • There is an early bird special so parents save money, and helps us to know the number of meals needed, so food is not wasted.
    1. Payments and pricing

    • The price of the meal is $5.00 but if ordered in advance (prior to deadline) the meal is discounted at $4.25.
    • Orders can be paid by cash or cheque (made out to Jill DeSantis-Simard)
    • Coupons will be distributed after the payment is received.
    • If the child comes last minute with no coupon the meal is $5.00.
    1. Absent

    • If a student is absent, just simply keep the coupon and use it another day.


Any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to call Jill at (438)-341-1333

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

Jill DeSantis-Simard






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