Hot Lunch Program


*This year there a few changes to our Hot Lunch Program. We are happy to welcome Miss Alison Boyle to the Franklin team. She will be serving lunches Tuesdays to Fridays. The menu provided will be a cyclical menu that will rotate every 4 weeks, so please keep the menu. Since we will be serving hot lunch 4 days a week, we ask that you send heat up lunches only Mondays. We ask that you please not send ramen noodle lunches where hot water has to be added, as this takes too much time to prepare.

    1. About

    • The hot lunch program at F.E.S. is managed by Alison Boyle and is available September through June.
    • Hot meals always include a small side salad or raw veggies, a drink and a dessert.
    • Other meal options available at a small cost.
    1. Schedule

    • Meals are offered every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
    1. Ordering Instructions

    • Hot lunch orders can be placed as soon as the menu comes out.
    • There is an early bird special so parents save money, and helps us to know the number of meals needed, so food is not wasted.
    1. Payments and pricing

    • The price of the meal is $4.50 if ordered in advance, last minute meal purchases are $5.00.
    • Orders can be paid by cash or cheque (made out to Alison Boyle)